Dangerous Goods Awareness

This full day training is a basic introduction to the air, sea and road regulations involved in the packaging and transportation of dangerous goods. This course is hugely beneficial in assisting all employees in recognizing potential dangerous goods that they may come into contact with in their work environment. By being familiar with the regulations, labels and hazard classes your employees can ensure that any potential dangerous goods that are found; are handled by a certified member of the team.

Course Objectives:
• Correctly identify a consignment that contains dangerous goods
• Identify the action required if dangerous goods are located
• List the regulatory parties involved in the carriage of dangerous goods by air, road, rail, inland waterways and sea

Course content covers:
• The legislative framework that supports Air, Sea and Road regulations
• UN numbers & Proper shipping names
• The 9 Classes of Dangerous Goods
• Packing Groups
• Packaging & UN Specification Packing
• Shipping small amounts of dangerous goods
• Marking and Labelling for dangerous goods
• Overview of documentation
• Placarding for containers and vehicles
• Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors

This is only an introduction to dangerous goods. Certification can only be gained by attending then appropriate Dangerous Goods certification course.

Is this training for you?

Our Dangerous Goods by Awareness training is for all employees that work in an environment where dangerous goods are handled or for parties that wish to gain more knowledge about the topic. This provides a basic overview of how to recognise Dangerous Goods and is a good introduction into some of the regulatory requirements.
This course is a pre-requisite for all other types of Dangerous Goods Courses.
Dangerous goods that they may come into contact with in their work environment.

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  • Pre-Requisite:


  • Study Type:

    Classroom-Based or
    On-line version

  • Training Type:

    Awareness Certification Level

  • Duration:

    Classroom – 7 hours
    On-line – 2 Hours

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Our aim is to provide interactive training that builds confidence in new skills and knowledge in all attendees. We support businesses to stay in front of the regulations as the world of logistics and dangerous goods changes and ensure compliance is the key to controlled and effective supply chains. 


  • IATA Dangerous Goods by Air Certified
  • Technical Instructor – Civil Aviation Authority
  • Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser
  • IATA Radioactive by Air Certified
  • IMDG by Sea Certified
  • Certified on the carriage of goods by Road (ADR)
  • Studied Kirkpatrick Evaluations
  • Criteria Referenced Instruction – Chicago
  • The Art of Facilitation
  • Leadership Platform – Jim Hessler & Steve Motenko


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